Kindred Spirit Kindred Care, LLC.

Shannon Fujimoto Nakaya, DVM

Complementary and adjunct care for dogs and cats with special needs.

What I Do

Veterinary Services for Dogs and Cats:

  • I am an adjunct and complementary care provider for dogs and cats.  
  • All patients must also have a relationship with a primary care provider. 
  • All of my services are home-based.  I do not have an office or a hospital.  

I give priority to clients and patients who can most benefit from my approach and services. I conduct free phone interviews with each prospective client before scheduling a visit to make sure that I am likely to be of use to them. Types of cases I am typically involved in:

  • Patients who are older, handicapped, and/or special needs. 
  • Case reviews and quality of life evaluations.
  • Instruction and tips for home nursing care.
  • Consultations on ways to accommodate and maintain comfort and quality of life for patients with special needs:
    • decreased vision
    • decreased hearing
    • confusion/anxiety
    • decreased mobility
    • incontinence

"Tools" I commonly use: 

  • acupuncture
  • laser therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • food therapy
  • herbal medicine
  • assistive devices (carts, braces, harnesses, etc.)
  • creative and customized solutions for unique situations